Wednesday, January 04, 2006

retrievr: Out-of-the-box way of seaching images on Flickr

Have you heard of "retrievr" ? I am sure most you haven't; so did I til a few moments ago. But once I discovered it, I am not able to take my hands off it! Its so addctive.. Ok..I will tell you what it is. In the words of the people who created it, retrievr is

an experimental service which lets you search and explore in a selection of Flickr images by drawing a rough sketch.

Currently the index contains many of Flickr's most interesting images. If you'd like to have your images (or the images for a specific tag) added, please let me know. A submission interface is planned!

Well that pretty much sums up what it is. What it does is, it fetches the images (from flickr) that are similar to the one drawn by you on the canvas. Pretty cool, eh? Though retrievr's "image recognition" capabilities are far from being perfect, it is a fresh and interesting (intelligent?) approach in image search. Well actually it can go beyond image search and can offer solutions in dozen other areas like image recognition, authentication, etc.

Try it over here:


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