Friday, December 30, 2005

Why the Dollar Is Rising

An interesting article on the rise of U$ dollar: Why the Dollar Is Rising . . . Again

Friday, December 23, 2005

Startup Survival Probabilities

We've heard it all. Its the usual thing. There's some "stealth" company trying to build the the biggest killer-app; it starts talking to VCs; VCs are gung-ho about the "paradigm shift" thats imminent; VCs starts pouring int eh dollar$ (or Yen, Yuan, Rupees, whatever); there's huge launch party which is covered by NYT; and there are lots of news about beta being tested out by previliged web-gurus; and then comes the bust...within no time, you will read about its asset being acquired some other startup or a private equity group.

Is that all? Are all startups headed toward the inevitable disaster? How many of them will survive. Business Opportunities Weblog seems to be knowing the answer. Here's more:

Characteristics of an Ideal start-up

They say traits of person can be spotted at an early age. Does this hold good for startups as well? Is there way to identify an "ideal startup"? It may not be possible to define and ideal starup, but certainly there are some characteristics that could tell it all. Business Opportunites Weblog seems to be saying something on these lines:

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