Friday, June 10, 2005

Media war in China

The past few weeks have seen an increased debate over the media and freedom of expression in China. While the leading dailies across the world are busy publishing stories that criticize the China’s monstrous censorship laws and lack of free press, the Communists are trying their best to water down the whole issue.

Here are articles some article on this issue that make an interesting read. As usual, the Western media portray China as the most censored nation while China itself tries to prove it is clean. Needless to say, the truth lies somewhere in between, and probably little closer to what Western media say.

China cracks down on Web and expats from Chrsitian Science Monitor

You can’t access this if you are in browsing from China! Yeah, there you score Western Media! China loses full 5 points for blocking such an innocuous content!

China’s Chill on Foreign Media from Chrsitian Science Monitor

Surprisingly this isn’t blocked (yet!). Grab your copies before the Master shuts it down!

World media set off a new round of craze reporting on China from People’s Daily Online

Hmm…who’s inst floored by flattery!!!

Campaign launched to crack down on false news from Xinhua

If you haven’t got it yet, it reads “Don’t mess with me”!


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