Friday, June 10, 2005

Look who's talking about "unfair competition"

Xinhua reports that Huawei has accused its cross-town rival ZTE of unfair competition. It says:

China’s Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. had accused ZTE Corp. of unfair competition in a recent deal to build a GSM network in Nepal, and had filed a complaint, the China Business News reported, citing unidentified sources.

“Huawei has filed complaints to the China Chamber of Commerce in Nepal, claiming ZTE’s US$3.9 million bid for the national GSM network in Nepal in April was lower than actual production costs,” the Shanghai-based paper quoted the source as saying. For the same bid, Huawei’s proposal was US$12 million, the paper added.

It couldn’t be any funnier! This is the first time I read “fairness, “competition”, Huawe and China in the same article! Oh yeah, and Huawei is the epitome of “fairness” and “competition”!!!!

Obviously, Huawei’s accusation doesn’t merit any analysis. But the incident itself could be a pointer to the future, as the Chinese vendors are fighting to increase their “overseas sales”. This is going to be interesting!


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