Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Guess who indulges in India-bashing....

Came across this interesting article in Indian Express. It throws light on how India’s image is tarnished by none other than Indians themselves. Here are some of the observations in the article that I found interesting:

We as a nation appear to be excessively obsessed about how we are perceived.

As these stereotyped images of India conjured during colonial times fade away today, another one, uglier and more repulsive than the previous, is being created. Events are being exaggerated or blown out of proportion in order to sensationalise news items and thereby make them more appealing to a Western audience. However the culprits this time are not the West or Europeans. The detractors are our own homegrown writers enthusiastically misusing a newfound access to the world stage with each one trying to outdo the other in this calumny.

Use the right forums to seek redress if that is your real intention. Do not sensationalize events to garner personal glory.

…… Western public (like the public everywhere) craves for melodrama which these Indian writers are ever willing to provide even at the cost of truth and honesty.

Although I may not agree with all the views expressed in the article, I couldn’t help but to admit that I felt the same way after reading an article written by the Bloomberg columnist Andy Mukherjee. In that article, Andy Mukherjee tries to tell how Singapore can take a leaf out of Bangalore’s book to create an “urban buzz”.

Although the idea is flattering for Bangalore, the way Bangalore is projected in the article makes the reader wonder whether the article is using this opportunity to denigrate Bangalore. Here’s a line that precisely underlines that: “A series of accidents created the city (Bangalore)”. Excuse me!! Agreed that Bangalore is not a planned city, but trying to take away the credit it deserves by such a foolish remark is as preposterous as saying “an accident created Andy Mukherjee“.

As long as we Indians (or people of Indian origin) don’t stop washing our dirty linen in the public, we are going to be ridiculed and mocked at by outsiders. Also, we should make sincere efforts at correcting things that makes us laughable, such as cows on the road, urinating in public, etc. Once these basic things are set right, I think the fingers pointing towards them will disappear gradually, if not immediately.


At May 09, 2005 5:23 PM, Blogger Tim Anderson said...

Hi there. I enjoyed a quick browse through your blog - which came up randomly when I hit next blog after entering a post on mine (thecopenhagenreport.blogspot.com) - and caught my attention since I myself am considering a move to Shanghai after spending a few years in Copenhagen (I'm Canadian). Keep up those great efforts to frustrate the censors!

At May 12, 2005 1:36 PM, Blogger Oriental Desi said...

Hi Tim,
Thanks for dropping by.
Welcome to China! My rants notwithstading, its really a fun place to be. Do drop a line when you are here!


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