Monday, May 09, 2005

Back to work ...

After a week long vacation I am back to work today. Although it is Sunday, we are working today to compensate for the extra day off that we got during the vacation. Although I had prepared myself to make it as pleasant as possible, it turned out to be the other way round. In fact it couldn’t have been any worse. First off, when I woke up in the morning, my whole body was aching, body temperature was a wee bit higher and I was almost shivering. I knew it’s that dreadful flu! But the vacation is over and I must go to work. So after a great effort I convinced myself that I am alright and managed to climb out of bed and take a quick shower. As I hadn’t bought groceries in the last few days, there was absolutely nothing for breakfast. So I couldn’t take medicines and was feeling hungry and tired.
When I started to office at least the rain had stopped. Somehow managed to reach the office. Within few minutes one of my colleagues broke the bad news that company is being restructured and there would be significant reduction in workforce. Although I did not get hysterical, I did ponder over it for a while. Because, just 2 weeks ago I had decided to stay in this job for a while and said no to 2~3 potential offers. Anyways, it doesn’t bother me much although it will be a point that I will consider for my short-term planning.
I took some medicine after lunch and was feeling better. But no signs of complete relief yet. Hope I will be back with a bang by tomorrow.


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