Tuesday, April 26, 2005

An unexpectedly great day

I reached home quite early today and had nothing to do. TV programs were as dud as always they’ve been. Tried to connect to the net through dial up, but soon discovered that China Telecom has cut off services, as I haven’t paid my telephone bills. I looked out the window and it was drizzling.

That left me pondering what to do. A brilliant idea struck my mind! There are so many videos captured on my handycam; but I haven’t transferred them to the computer. I thought of doing it today.

So I started installing the necessary software and luckily everything was installed without any hitch. Then I connected my handycam to laptop and there I go! As I transferred many video clips it was kind of a travel down the memory lane. I enjoyed watching those clips. I had a hearty laugh looking at the videos shot during Bheemeswari (its an amazing place) trip, which apparently turned out to be a “team breaking” trip!!

Home videos are so much fun. They provide glimpse of your yesteryears and bring back fond (and not-so-fond) memories of the time spent with loved (and hated) ones.


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