Friday, April 29, 2005

My window to the world

These are the views of the road from my office window. I know it looks pretty mundane.

The first pic shows the IIPC (an IBM joint venture) and GreatWall Technology, two well known IT companies in China.

The second pic shows some apartments.

I took these pictures from camera phone. Just wanted to make sure I have some pictures as a memoir, as I would be moving to a cubicle soon, in few hours.
I am sharing this room with a colleague of mine. Rest of our team members also have similar arrangement and thus 8 of us are located in four different rooms. I personally felt its kind of inconvenient to spread across in different rooms. But everyone wanted it to be that way. But now that there more senior guys demanding their own private spaces, we have to move to cubicles to make way fro them. I am ok with it. But some of my colleagues doesn’t seem to like it. They are used to special comforts like privacy, secrecy that come with a room.
So when I come back from holidays, I would be back in cubicle, which I really love anyway.


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