Thursday, April 28, 2005

Holidays are just around the corner

Yes!! I will be on vacation starting tomorrow. Welcome distraction indeed!! We have a week-long “Labor Day Holiday” starting from May 1st. Since workload is “relatively” lesser, I talked my boss into letting me have 2 days more and as always as he agreed instantaneously!

I will be traveling to Guilin, a famous historic and cultural city with extremely beautiful landscapes. It’s a 4-day “package” trip. I will be back in Shenzhen on 2nd May and then plan to spend rest of the holidays in Hong Kong.

This is the best part of working and living in China – you get to enjoy 4 weeks of mandatory holidays. Apparently, Chinese government “planned” this way in order to boost tourism and economy and you bet it does serve its purpose very well, albeit overwhelmingly. Since these are mandatory holidays almost 70% of the workforce across China will be vacationing. So you can imagine the rush and the problems associated with in a country of billion plus. Inspite of all this, these holidays provide a great opportunity for an expat to travel around China.

Initially I had planned to go to another beautiful place called Yunnan. But it didn’t materialize as the tickets were sold out. So finally settled for Guilin. Since I would be having a great time in Guilin and then in Hong Kong, I may not be updating my blog till May 7th.


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