Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Google's googlies

After having started my blog and successfully managing to keep it running, I got curious whether search engines have crawled enough to recognize my blog. In order to not to disappoint myself, I played extremely safe and entered the exact phrase and hit “enter” expecting my blog to be listed in the first page.

But what I found was astonishing. Because, my blog was not at all listed in the search results. It didn’t figure in the top 100 listings. What is even more disturbing is that almost all the top 10 listings are adult sites, apparently due to the fact that my search string included such exotic names as oriental and desi.

Initially, I thought I am getting a “censored” search result and tried searching through a proxy site. But even then Google threw up same results. I never expected my blog to be listed at the top slot. I am not an expert in search engine stuff but I was hoping to see my blog somewhere within Top 50 listings based on two simple facts: (a) I believed Google is a saner and “lesser evil” search engine (b) Google has the best indexing of Blogspot as Blogpsot is its own backyard.

Then I went onto search in other search engines and consoled myself when Yahoo listed my blog at the top slot. Neither MSN nor AskJeeves seem to have any clue about my blog. I was so amused and literally danced “bhalle-bhalle” after seeing our very own desi search engine Rediff successfully crawling into my blog.

Google not only disappointed me but also left me wondering whether Google has started turning evil in order to keep Wall Street happy? Or is it that people have high expectations of Google?


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