Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Eureka!! Eureka!!

I am almost ecstatic! After a long time I feel I am on a high without having resort to grass or alcohol! The reason behind my current blissful state is my discovery of a unique way to post comments in my blog!!

As I noted in my previous posts, the Internet is highly monitored, censored and controlled by the government. If you still don’t believe in what I am saying, check out this article in So it is extremely difficult to maintain a blog.

In order to overcome this menace, I access my blog through Unfortunately, doesn’t support authentication. So I cannot post comments on blogs using my Blogger ID; I have to post comments as an “anonymous” reader.

But that’s a thing of past! I discovered today that I could log on to my blog through Babelfish! (it’s such a lovely tool, I love it).

Since is down for the last 2 days, I wanted to find out whether I can access my blog through Babelfish. When I typed the URL of my blog in Babelfish and pressed enter, it displayed my blog almost instantaneously. When I tried to post a comment (using my Blogger ID and password), I was thrilled to find out that it worked! This is the beauty of internet- no matter what they do, freedom prevails.


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