Monday, April 18, 2005

Chinese, their Gulliblity and their English skills

Amongst all these boring and ugly tales of anti-Japanese protests going on in China, here emerges a funny fact! I am sure one would be amused to find out how this whole Communist backed anti-Japanese protests have uncovered two interesting facts.

This morning, one of our Chinese colleagues mass-mailed an "appeal" to the comrades. It said how Chinese are selecting the incorrect answer in the CNN website poll and how it is failing their effort to prove (and justify) their outrage against Japan.

The background of this mail is an online opinion poll run by CNN. Just like the all the western media, CNN also is trying to cash in on the whole anti-Japanese protest drama, while at the same time trying its best to not to anger the Beijing bosses. So they are running "balanced" stories (which is very uncommon of CNN) and have posted some opinion polls on their website.

First, CNN website had the following question in their poll:

Do you think Japan should become a permanent member of United Nations Security Council?

If you are a Chinese trying to prove a point (which ahs no meaning anyway!), you will select "NO". And so did thousands of Chinese and so the results really pleased the comrades and their bosses in Beijing. However, this joy was overshadowed by the results of the next poll. In the second poll, CNN website had the following question:

Do you think China's anti-Japanese sentiment is justified?

Without bothering to see what it means, all our comrades hit "NO" again! The results are obviously devastating for the comrades and so they are flooding frantic e-mail messages to educate others to select the right answer! Damn funny! For that matter everything with ant-Japanese protests have been so funny.

Of course everybody knows that one has to take the results of such online polls (and the polls themselves) with a pinch of salt. But the infuriated and gullible Chinese who have never heard of (let alone experience) anything called freedom of speech and allowed probably for the first time to participate in such online polls, wanted to prove their point. And they almost did it!!

The results also proved that Chinese are not used to rational thinking and analysis and that they need another 2~3 decades to master their practical English communication skills.

Oh, yeah, when I am just about to end this post, I got this thought. Isn’t it quite possible that the top echelons of the Party might have put an army of comrades in front of thousands of computers in order to have the poll results in their favor??


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