Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Will "Google" Replace "Hello" ??

Looks like google is not content with the web content alone and it may be well on its way to start "tring"-ing. So we might be just few days away from getting a VoIP app from Google stable. At least thats what this Times

Based on a job ad posted in the Google's career section, The Times speculates that Google could soon offer a VoIP app (similar to Skype). Well this sounds interesting. It goes to prove the Google's "lateral thinking" capabilities. Time and again Google has thought out of the box and has come out with sanzzy tools whenever we had just thought the Google stream is about to dry up.

If this development is for real, then it just makes me wonder what is the motive behind Google's move into the VoIP space which is already pretty crowded. But then again, its after all Google. Those smart-alecs wouldn't be betting on something that doesn't involve ca$h. My guess is that they are betting on it as a new assured revenue stream that could ensure constant revenues. This sounds logical by looking at the amazing success of Skype. If someone were to dismiss Skype for being largely used as free tool, I would say look at Vonage. Those guys survived an almost bust and have bounced back ..and how.. Vonage is getting increasingly popular with the corporate as well individuals as a cost effective communication solution.

So, like every one else Google may start with a free service and then move onto pay model, or they they might keep PC-to-PC free and start charging for PC-to-Phone..Or wait a sec...they might give all these VoIP app providers a run for for their money by offering free PC-to-Phone service supported by Ads...! Well that sounds quite logical too. It scores another point too. I guess Google is looking at being part of every type of media/content. So they satrted with web, came to hard disk throough Desktop search, went all over the globe through KeyHole, slipped into SMSes through Mobile Search, got onto your idiot box through Video search (y'day)..and obviously they are getting into your ears through this VoIP app. So you could be soon getting a search engine to to search for all those whispering going on behind you!

So Google is about to change the rules of the game yet again! So what's up next on Google's sleeves? It would be interesting to see how Yahoo and Microsoft would react. Did I hear Yahoo and Micsrosoft blaming the snowstorm for their shiver??


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