Monday, September 27, 2004

Finally…. I am blogging! Although I am pretty quick in catching the tech bandwagon and trying out lotto geeky stuff, somehow this blog thing had proved elusive. In fact I did make an attempt last year (’03), it proved to be damp squib after a much hyped start. (I don’t even remember the name of that blog!) but this time around, I have promised myself to stay afloat and sail ahead..
In today’s world, especially in the cyberworld, everything is about the name! Everything is in a name..and name does matter. So, the first hurdle was to come out with a catchy n’ clicky name..although this blog, by definition, is meant to be personal and private, it would sure be interesting to let some folks take a peek at good and not so good part of my persona. I mean.. common .. wouldn’t it be interesting to generate curiosity about ur life amongst unknown but decent folks and receive cute mails from them?? Oh yeah, and did u say online privacy, personal info and all that BS? When living in a country where surveillance cameras are mounted all over the place, and where the term “personal” has no meaning in the dictionary, what is the significance of privacy anyway. And frankly, I don’t give a damn. If some sick psycho wants to play around with what I have on my blog, I can’t prevent it anyway.. So my blog will occasionally contain some content targeted at an audience, rather than writing for myself. So finding a catchy name was important. As I am living in China, far away from my home, the trigger/idea for the blog’s content would be from China rather than from India; but it will be processed/analyzed/shaped/written based on the way my mind grew up back home. So I wanted a name that represents this idea: China from an Indian’s perspective. I came out with half a dozen names; but ultimately stuck with two options: “Spicy Dragon”, where “spicy “ represents India and “dragon” represents China. But it was kinda too poetic…so ultimately I was left with the obvious choice, “Oriental Desi”..this is pretty self explanatory, eh?

I plan do a recap on how I landed up in the land of dragon and then fast forward to today or whatever day it is (will be!).

As I write this, I am living in southern-chinese city called ShenZhen. It’s a nice city bordering Hong kong. In fact u can see Hong Kong’s skyline from ShenZhen bay.
I landed here first time in June’02. It was a tough choice, as I had thrown all traditional wisdom and rationality into thin air and decided to come here. My close friend Santosh’s words still ring in ears “Hey goobe..ella bittu China-ge hogthiyeno” (Man! Of all the places, have u decided to go to China!!).. well he might stil want to stick with that opinion (San, if u wish to change ur opinion check out some facts about China here…..
(Some numbers could be riggerd.. so u can consider 70% of the stated value to be actual value !!)

For me, it has been an exciting journey filled with mostly fun and bit of homesickness, missing friends and my lovely home – Bangalore! But I have no regrets and I liked this city so much that after a gap of one year I made another irrational decision and threw my cushy job at HP and came back to ShenZhen. It has kinda’ become my second home – literally and figuratively.


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